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I began my chiropractic journey in the fall of 2003. Once I enrolled in New York Chiropractic College I immersed myself within the profession, learning all I could about how chiropractic ties into overall healthcare. The more I learned, the more aware I became of how dependent our society has become on medication and surgery. I quickly realized how unhealthy we have become. Moreover, as a result of practice I am convinced that the bulk of our health problems are directly attributed to diet.

I specialize in treating conditions caused by repetitive daily activity and sports injuries. I have taken great interest in these areas due to my love of sport. I am a life-long athlete, starting at the youth level and progressing to NCAA football. I am currently an avid CrossFitter and understand the aches and pains we go through to enhance our fitness level and overall health. Whether you are an athlete or not, if pain is interfering with your quality of life, I would love the opportunity to help you get back to what you love doing most.

Since starting practice in 2007 in Buffalo, NY, I have continuously honed my skills to effectively diagnose and treat muskulo-skeletal problems, most of which stem from spinal dysfunction. I have extensive experience with auto accident patients. In fact, during my first three years of practice I treated injuries suffered exclusively as a result of auto accidents.

Since relocating to Mansfield, TX in the spring of 2013, I have come to grow into this wonderful community. I have a vision for a happier, healthier Mansfield and it starts with Peak Performance Chiropractic.

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