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Hey all. I've been wanting to make this video for a while. I would like to share a bit more about myself and why I practice the way that I do. I went into chiropractic college because I found it fascinating. Now, after 17 years in practice I've seen how powerful it is. All my Texas folks here know what I'm talking about! 😏 Thanks for watching. ... See MoreSee Less

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We miss you in Texas!

Patricia Paull you’re too kind. I miss seeing you too.

Please come back!!

Melissa Woods miss you!! And your husband..a little.

Full range of motion against resistance is an absolute necessity for joint health. Once a joint is restricted in its motion, it begins the gradual and inevitable decline into degeneration. And guess what? Joint degeneration is not reversible. So let's take steps EARLY in life to prevent that from happening.

GET ADJUSTED! I can't stress this enough. Follow a good spinal hygiene and mobility regimen. Exercise regularly. Take sufficient doses of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Eat non inflammatory foods. Piece of cake! Ok, we've all gotta live a little...some cake won't kill us.
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Hey all! As promised here's a quick video on a very common knee problem. I know plenty of you have experienced this. Post any questions in the comments.

For my fellow anatomy nerds, the muscle I'm referring to in this video is the semitendinosis, one of the three hamstrings muscles. It inserts in an area of the proximal tibia called the pes anserinus. The other two muscles that insert there are the gracilis and sartorius. I learned this so many years ago and I'm so glad I remember it because it's come up plenty of times throughout my career. If you want to be an effective musculoskeletal expert, you've got to know your anatomy!
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Hey all! Check out this video on how to easily and gently release the SI joints. As mentioned in the video this by no means replaces the vital need of the #chiropracticadjustment However, try this to generate a little pelvic joint mobility. If you don't have a chiropractor...GET ON IT!!! I was 23 the first time I was adjusted and I've been using chiropractic regularly ever since. My birthday is in six days. Feel free to make some age guesses lol. ... See MoreSee Less

It's no secret that a staple of our modern society is sitting all day. It starts in grade school and progresses well into our adult working lives. The tips in this video are by no means the limits of things you can do to help if you find yourself one of many who sits for long periods throughout the day. Nevertheless, try these. If you want more suggestions GET OFF YOUR A$$ and hit me up! 😂🍑 ... See MoreSee Less

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